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Whether you are seeking therapy for a deeper understanding of yourself or to process emotions, the therapeutic journey is one that will give you a deeper sense of self and greater self-awareness.

Modern living can often present many issues, making life feel like an uphill journey. Counselling can offer you an alternative way of viewing your situation. It can challenge negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours for personal growth or a space for emotional healing.
If you're looking for a dependable, safe and non-judgemental environment to speak openly, look no further.

Possible Reasons for Counselling

  • Overwhelming feelings of anxiety, anger, stress, shame or guilt which is affecting your daily life
  • Losing hope or motivation as if you have no future
  • Change with social interaction or withdrawing from significant relationships
  • Losing interest in your usual activities and the world around you
  • Needing a safe place to talk through life challenges such as family struggles, grief, relationship breakups or work related stress
  • Undiagnosed or diagnosed mental health issues
  • Struggling within your marriage with issues such as communication or a significant life event which has impacted the relationship
  • Experiencing post-natal depression and feel having a non-judgemental environment would help
  • Bereavement or significant loss
  • Seeking direction
  • Inability to go to school or work

Why Should I Go to Counselling?

  • Counselling can lead to improvement in all areas in life
  • You will learn a lot more about yourself
  • A therapist will listen and help you make connections
  • You are more likely to have better health
  • Counselling can help you have more fulfilling relationships
  • Counselling can help you achieve your goals
  • Counselling can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and other mental health issues

Whatever you are experiencing, your problems can often be alleviated with counselling and your life can get better through change. Focusing on yourself or your relationship(s) in a confidential environment offers you dedicated time to work on your issues.

Together we can make sense of your current issues, so that your life can feel more balanced again.

Please contact Elizabeth... On 07456 016686 to book an appointment or email enquires via my facebook business page.